Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Dear Friends,

Several of you have asked about my little apartment in Amoudara on Crete. It is a small one-bedroom, studio apartment, furnished with the necessities, but not extravagant or luxurious by any means. It does, however, have everything that I need. It rents for 350 Euros per month, which, based on today's exchange rate, is equivalent to $504.34. I also pay a 20 Euro ($28.82) fee per month for water, and I will also pay for the electricity I use each month. I won't have the figure for the electricity bill until the end of August. It is neat, clean and safe. Below is a photo of the La Stella Apartment building, and photos of my apartment.

Your Friend and Fellow "Silent Warrior",

Bob Armistead

Upper Left Photo: The La Stella Apartments on Naxou Street. Upper Right Photo: The entrance way & patio of my apartment.

Upper Left Photo: My spacious patio. Upper Right Photo: My wardrobe.

Upper Left Photo: My living/dining area. Upper Right Photo: My little kitchen.

Upper Left Photo: My bedroom. Upper Right Photo: My bathroom.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When you get some free time, see if you can find where this house is that I have a link to below!! It's in Iraklion. Good chance it's torn down by now would be my guess. The tall, think blonde to my Mom's right is me!

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I actually to my Mom's left. To my Mom's right is my sister Kathryn, to my mom's immediate left is my brother Andy, and then me (Brian). The boy following up behind us kicking the football is Johnny, my other brother. There were 5 of us -- I was oldest.