Saturday, August 22, 2009


Dear Friends,

When I returned to Iraklion Air Station on August 18, 2009, I noticed there was some renovation taking place on some of the buildings on I.A.S. There were also signs posted (in Greek) which I believe identified each on-going project and the amount of money (Euros) being spent on each project. I photographed the signs and am posting them here for you to see. However, I hope there might be someone who is articulate in Greek, and can interpret the Greek signs for those of us (like me!) who can't read Greek, and will then post the interpretations in the "comments" section at the bottom of this post. If the lettering on the signs is too small to read, just move your cursor and "click" over the image that you want enlarged.

Your Friend and Fellow "Silent Warrior",
Bob Armistead

UPPER LEFT PHOTO: This sign was posted at the corner of Main Street in front of what was the base library.
UPPER RIGHT PHOTO: This sign was posted in front of what was Building #203, the Service Club (Recreation Center), and is now the Mayor's office for the village of Gouves.

UPPER LEFT PHOTO: This sign was posted in front of what was Dorm #302. There was extensive work being done on Dorm #308, directly behind Dorm #302.

UPPER RIGHT PHOTO: This is Dorm #308 as it currently looks. The entire building has been recently painted with the exterior of each room having been painted in a soft pastel color. All of the exterior broken windows have been replaced with double pane windows. It has new recessed interior florescent lighting, and there is tile being laid around the perimeter edge of the dorm. I wasn't able to gain entrance because of the presence of workmen.


mac said...

Bobby,Here is what my wife says the signs say.In general terms.
The sign by the library says that it is a library and also used for Orthodox church items as well.Cost of the re-modeling and the contractors name.
The Mayors sign says.Thet the bldg was re-modeled and used now as the mayors office.Cost is in both Dracks and Euros.
The sign by the barracks says.This bldg is to be used as a music school and cost is over 7000 euros.Below that it states the cost of the whole music program is 1 mil 2000 euros.
On one sign it also states the bldgs were used by the American military.Thanks much Bobby..

Laust One said...

Bobby and Mac,

Building 308 is my old dorm! I married a Music Teacher, Aug 11,1979. I love to sing, bass, myself for our church choir and lead for other functions. Every year at our Easter Vigil I sing the entire 3rd reading when Moses and the Israelites escaped in the Red Sea. What a wonderful way to use that building!