Monday, August 3, 2009


Dear Friends,
I awoke early this morning at 4:41 A.M. to the gentle sound of waves washing against the sandy shore just half a block from my little apartment. At first I thought that I would drift back to sleep, but it almost seemed as if the Aegean Sea was inviting me to come down and watch the rising sun cast its warm blanket of golden rays across its waters like a fisherman casting out his net. By 5 A.M. I relented, got up, showered, ironed some fresh clothes and walked down to the beach. The light was still gray, neither man nor beast was up. Even the sea birds, which usually hover by flying directly into the wind and dart down occasionally to snap up an unfortunate fish that had broken the surface of the water, had decided to begin their day a little later. I stood there for a moment facing north - toward a seemingly endless stretch of sea. Then I slowly turned right toward the east – toward that faint glow on the horizon that signaled the birth of a new day. I continued turning until I faced south and could see the mountainous interior of Crete rising, reaching skyward toward a cloudless heaven. Next, my rotation brought me looking westward in the direction of Chania, but I was unable to see beyond the rocky outcropping of the small seaside village of Agia Pelagia in the distance. Finally, I had come full circle...full cycle, and was once again facing north across the Aegean Sea. As I stood there, I quietly muttered a line from Nikos Kazantzakis’ novel, ZORBA THE GREEK. “‘Crete’, I murmured, ‘Crete’. And my heart beat fast’”. I am home!!!
Take care, stay well, and let me hear from you.
Your Friend and Fellow "Silent Warrior",
Bob (Midget) Armistead

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