Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Dear Friends,
This will just be a very quick post. I was suddenly awakened this morning, just before 6:30 AM local time by an earthquake! I don't now how severe it was, or if there are any reports of damage or injury. I also don't know where it was centered or how far it was from Crete. But, it felt like it was centered directly beneath my bed!!! What a rude awakening! The quake seemed to last for at least twenty seconds or so, but a twenty second earthquake seems like an eternity. You keep asking yourself, "When is it going to stop?" My first and immediate concern was if there might be a tsunami that would follow later. The quake happened less than an hour ago.
Right now, I am preparing to leave by bus for Chania. If there are reports of damage or injuries, I will try to update this posting when I return from Chania this evening, if I don't get back too late. Farewell.
UPDATE: I have just now returned from this morning's trip to the city of Chania, about a three hour bus ride to the west of Iraklion. According to some reports issued in Israel, this morning's earthquake measured a 6.8 on the Richter scale. According to information which I was able to garner here, damage was minimul and mostly isolated to a few cracked walls and broken dishes. I will have to say that the most unusual aspect of the earthquake was the immediate aftermath: utter stillness and quiet. The only sound was of a rooster crowing off in the distance...and Church bells ringing! My first thought was, "How did the Greek priests get to the churches so quickly to ring out a warning?" Then it suddenly occurred to me that the reason for the Church bells ringing was because the eqrthquake had caused the bell towers to sway back and forth, causing the bells to ring out the warning on their on!
Also, I would just like to add, that, while the top of this post says, "Monday, July 14, 2008", it should have read "Tuesday, July 15, 2008". I still have the time/date on my computer set to Central Standard Time in the USA, so that is the reason for the date discrepancy. Thanks.
I'll close for now...for some reason, Jerry Lee Lewis' song, "WHOLE LOTTA SHAKIN' GOIN' ON", keeps ringing in my mind!
Take care, stay well, and let me hear from you.
Your Friend and Fellow "Silent Warrior",
Bob (Quakin' & Shakin') Armistead


Anonymous said...

The earth moved at 6:26 a.m. local time under the seabed floor south of Rhodes. One woman died fleeing when she fell down. No other reports of injuries and damage. Prelimary magnitude of 6.3.

Don 72-74

mac said...

Bobby,I agree with Don.We called my Greek niece in Iraklion and she said no one local was hurt.A few cracks in walls around the area and it was reported at 6.3.Scared the life out of their dog...MAC 63-70

Anonymous said...

Last night on the History Channel they featured the Atlantis Apocalypse....(talk about timing). Santorini blew apart and the resulting tsunami devastated the Minoan civilization on Crete. They say it could happen again...

Anyway, I guess you are in the last days there now. Is July 31st still the departure date? I'm in Atlanta if your return flight passes thru here and you have time I could stop by the airport and say hi.
Don 72-74

Bob (Bobby) said...

Don, No I won't be passing through Atlanta when I return to the U.S. I will land at JFK in New York, and from there catch a flight to Nashville, and then drive to my home. If I were to pass through Atlanta, I would love to meet you and talk about Crete and Iraklion Air Station. Thanks for the offer, my Friend. Bob Armistead

Anonymous said...

Bobby, I am really enjoying your trip!! I work a Gallup Poll, I was talking to a guy who was on his 2 wk active duty with USAF RESERVES back in 67. I mentioned I served at Iraklion Air Station...He said that is where they sent him for his 2 weeks. I told him to check out your blog and pictures of the base...He was from Buffalo, NY area.
George Gottschall,
Lincoln, Ne