Friday, July 11, 2008


Dear Friends,

After having taken the last of the photos of Iraklion Air Station, I proceeded walking west down Main Street on the Base. I happened to look upward and off in the distance I saw the “Cross on the Hill”. This Cross, made from large metal pipes, had been constructed and placed on that hill by members of the Base Chapel, and was there in 1968 when I arrived on Iraklion Air Station. The Cross was still as white as ever and stood out remarkably well against the backdrop of the azure Cretan sky. It seemed to me that the Cross was maintaining a silent, solitary, and lonely vigil over the if it were keeping watch until better times come along. I have always believed that the Cross is a sign of Hope and Re-Birth, and, that being the case, perhaps one day...just maybe...we might see Iraklion Air Station re-born and the Greek and American flags once again flying side by side on Iraklion Air Station. I raised my camera and took one final photograph...of the “Cross on the Hill”.

I hope that you have enjoyed the photos of Iraklion Air Station, and that they have evoked pleasant memories for you. Please feel free to copy any of the photos that you would like, and use them as you see fit. The only request that I would make is that the photos not be used for profit or personal gain, that I be given credit for having taken the photographs, and most importantly, that the photos not be used or displayed in a manner that would be demeaning or bring discredit to the U.S. Air Force, Iraklion Air Station, or the men and women who so proudly served there. Thanks.

As always, take care, stay well, and let me hear from you.

Your Friend and Fellow “Silent Warrior”,

Bob (Midget) Armistead


Spiff said...
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Spiff said...

Bob: I attempted to attach a photo of a shot from the Cross, but it did not work so I deleted that post.

Thanks for the wonderful photos and writings while on Crete. A very fitting image to end your trip to IAS.

Thanks again for the memories of a wonderful time.

Rick Carner
73-74 IAS Dawg-Baker Flights

mac said...

Bob,Iam sure I speak for a lot of people out there when I say THANKS for all your time and efforts in sending the photos.They are great.Wished they had not torn down the base supply bldg and replaced it.Loved to walk thru it again.Did you try to get in the base housing area(new one)My Greek nephew got me into it in 06 but had to leave my camera in the car.Greek Air Force is using it now.Thanks again...MAC