Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Dear Scotty,

I realize that you will probably never read this post or even see it. However, I would certainly be remiss if I did not pause on this day...your day...to wish you a Happy Birthday. It was on June 20, 1939 that you were born. Today you are 72 years of age. If I were on Crete, I might not be able to bring you a birthday cake, but I would certainly bring you a freshly baked pastry and sit with you and reminisce about your earlier years on Crete at Matala. Perhaps some kind soul on Crete might read this post and visit you at the monastery and help you celebrate this most important milestone of yours.

So, in closing, I would hope that today you would be at peace with yourself and the whole world, and further, that all of your memories of Matala would be the most pleasant of memories. And, lastly, and most importantly, please know that you are remembered and held in high esteem by all those who have met and known...the Last Hippie of Matala!

Your Friend,

Bob Armistead

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