Sunday, August 10, 2008


Dear Friends,

I have some more photos taken on Crete which I have not yet posted, but I hope to do so within a week or perhaps less. I also intend to post some additional commentaries in the coming days or weeks as well. So...stay tuned...and, as always,

Take care, stay well, and let me hear from you.

Your Friend and Fellow “Silent Warrior”,

Bob (Midget) Armistead


Tom said...

Dear Bob,

We are waiting for year photos.

Greetings from

Tom Vermeulen from Belgium

Anonymous said...

Bob, Thanks for the wonderful trip back to Crete. It made me want to go back for sure, which I hope to do. All the great insights and rememberances(is that a word) added nice touches to it all. As one other blogger said, you should go into writing you certainly know how to entertain with words. Thanks again for the trip and for taking us along. Charlie

Anonymous said...


I, like many others, cannot wait to read your next installment and see your photos. Thank you again for sharing your return to Crete. I am sure you have fueled the fires in many of us to return to that beautiful place. Thanks again. Steve Dietz, Pennsylvania (81-84)

Archie said...

Thank you for the memories. My short stay was from 75-76. Spent on Charlie Flight, never forgetting 4swings,4mids,4days,4wonderful days off. (boy did I bleed mid-shifts)Loved the photos. The beach buildings reminded me of spending our country's Bicentennial right there on the beach with fireworks, bbq, and the company of wonderful people. Yes, Christmas was a hard day. I miss the village, Chersonissos, Manoli's Kalifornia Market, drinking ouzo and gazoza, and souvlakis. Not to mention the beautiful people of the island.
Thank you. Jeff "Archie" Brunker, Charlie Flight, analyst.

Senior said...


Thanks so much for your Blog. I was also stationed at Iraklion AS from Dec. 1968 to May 1970 before going on to 6921st Security Group in Misawa, Japan. I am not sure which flight I was on, but believe it to be Baker.
One question, When you attended that memorial service for the NCO from another flight who was killed in a car crash, could it have been Bob Roe? I believe that was his name. If I remember right, and I believe we were on the same flight.
Again, thanks for all the memories.


Barry Kozloff said...

I've been reading your blog. I was stationed at Iraklion in 1959, and the place was entirely different. Liberty ended at Midnight (Didn't want us cavorting with those nasty commies) No Airmans club, no NCO club, one small snack bar, a px that was always empty. Supplies came by ship about every two months. There were no rec facilities except for ping pong in the second floor day room or poker in someone
's room. A boring year to say the least. I'm glad things improved for you late "Cold Warriors"

Barry Kozloff, 6922nd Ashia Japan 57/58 Crete 59

Bob (Bobby) said...

Dear Anonymous, You can contact me directly at the following E-Mail address:


Bob Armistead