Saturday, August 23, 2008


UPPER LEFT PHOTO: Popi Mavrakis (L) and Bob Armistead (R). Popi had a small taverna down on the beach where she served cold drinks, sandwiches, and ice cream to the beach-goers. I would go down to her taverna almost every day and have a cold Mythos or two...or three.
UPPER RIGHT PHOTO: George Stamataki (L) and Bob Armistead (R). George was one of the kindest and nicest men that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. George is the owner of the Marirena Hotel and the Dionysus Taverna (Restaurant). He allowed me to use his internet access to make entries on my blog, and to keep in touch with family and friends back in the USA via E-Mail.

UPPER LEFT PHOTO: Maria (L) and Bob Armistead (R). Maria worked at the Marirena Hotel and the Dionysus Taverna (Restaurant). Maria would bring me coffee or a coke almost every morning, and in the afternoon would serve me at the Dionysus Taverna (Restaurant).
UPPER RIGHT PHOTO: Mania and Bob Armistead. Mania worked at the Chrystalis Jewelry shop which is owned by Irini Stamataki, daughter of George Stamataki. Mania and Irini were always eager to help me with my pronounciation of Greek words, suggest new words to help widen my Greek vocabulary, and tell me of places which might be of interest to visit. Both were two of the nicest Greek ladies I met while on Crete.
NOTE: Two Greek friends whose photos I failed to have taken with me before I left Crete were Irini Stamataki, owner of the Chrystalis Jewelry Shop, and Emmanuel (Manoli) who was the late afternoon and evening waiter at the Dionysus Taverna (Restaurant). I saw both Irini and Emmanuel almost on a daily basis, and I consider both of them to be good friends of mine.

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