Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Left to Right: Steve Gregory, Bob Armistead, and Greg Matfey at Gitto's Italian Restaurant

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Dear Friends,

A couple of weeks ago I received an E-mail from Greg Matfey stating that he and his wife, Maureen, would be visiting St. Louis for a few days and asked if I could meet them, along with Steve Gregory for dinner one evening. I drove to St. Louis and we all met at Gitto's Italian Restaurant located in Harrah's Casino just outside of St. Louis in Maryland Heights, Missouri on Saturday evening, March 15, 2008. Not only did we have a wonderful meal, but we shared many old memories and swapped stories from our many adventures while we were on Crete. It is always a pleasure to spend time with such great friends like Steve and Greg. We talked a little about our second Charlie Flight Reunion that has tentatively been scheduled for sometime in 2009, and kicked around the possibility of once again having it near St. Louis. We also talked about my upcoming trip back to Crete. As I talked about my preparations to leave the USA on the 30th of April for Crete, it was really quite difficult for me to contain my excitement. We all expressed concern over the obvious changes that will have taken place on Crete in the last 35+ years...and I am certain that I will have quite a shock after my arrival there. However, there is one thing that I don't believe will have changed, and that is the friendliness and character of the Cretans.

We closed out the evening with warm handshakes and best wishes until such time as we might have the privilege of enjoying one another's company once again.

Take care, stay well, and let me hear from you.

Your Friend and Fellow "Silent Warrior",

Bob (a.k.a. Midget, Bobby)

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