Sunday, January 20, 2008


Dear Friends,

When I had originally inquired about an apartment on Crete, I was directed to an older couple who used to rent apartments to American airmen stationed on Crete. This couple had an apartment in downtown Iraklion, which is exactly where I wanted to stay for my intended six month visit to Crete. I mailed them a letter on October 10, 2007, inquiring about the possibility of renting their apartment in Iraklion. When I had not received any response from them by the middle of December, I decided that I would need to make other arrangements for my accommodations on Crete. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate another apartment in downtown Iraklion, but I was able to secure an apartment in the small seaside village of Amoudara, which is located about six kilometers to the west of Iraklion. However, after the debacle over my attempt to obtain a visa for six months from the Greek government, I had to contact my landlord on Crete to see if he would be kind and gracious enough to change my reservations from a six month stay to a three month stay. Yesterday, January 19, I received an E-mail from my landlord, Mr. Mavrakis, who informed me that my apartment reservations had been changed to accommodate my three month stay on Crete. I have to say that I was just a little more than relieved! Wouldn't I have been in a terrible fix if I had landed on Crete with no place to stay? I don't know about you, but somehow I don't think that I want to be homeless on the streets of Crete....or anywhere else for that matter! LOL.

Anyway, who was it that said, "All's well that ends well"? Shakespeare?

I will continue to keep you abreast of my epic quest to return to there a movie in here somewhere?

Take care, stay well, and let me hear from you.

Your Friend and Fellow "Silent Warrior",

Bob (Midget, Bobby)


Bob Jones said...

Bob, I think that a gentleman named George Frangiadakis has an really nice internet cafe on Kalokairinou not that far from the market. If you walk down the street, with the market on your left, his place is around the corner on the right. Ernie Lee might be able to give better directions.

Dwacon® said...

Normally, Bottoms-Up is a good thing. But, okay... will jump down and read upward.

James Gill said...

I too share your love of Crete. I was assigned to 6931st from 88-90 and returned for visits in 92,94,96,98 i took my wife, 2000 I took my first born to be baptised, 2007 I took my 2nd born. I am very sorry to hear of your visa issues. I had never heard of that. What if you left the country for a two day trip to Italy and then came back for your other 3 months? I don't think the greeks pay any attention to visas as there are a gizillion tourists coming and going all the time. But I never tested the limit.

I hope you spent some time online looking for apartment rentals or travel agencies who can help you find a place right in the area you wish to be in. Keep trying. Do your trip just how you want it. Euro dropped today - that is some good news for you!

Hope you make it to Lake Kournas, Balos Lagoon and Elafonisos !!


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