Sunday, July 18, 2010


Dear Friends,

During the past several years, I have had the very distinct pleasure of meeting many fine people here in the little seaside village of Amoudara on Crete, but none of them has been any nicer and more pleasant than Kostas Sakoulakis. Kostas and his family own and operate Uncle George's Taverna in Amoudara. But, before I tell you about Uncle George's Taverna, I want to share a little information about Kostas with you. In 1984 when Kostas was still a very young man, just twenty years old, he left his native Crete and traveled to New York City to live with his Uncle John and to attend college in the United States. While attending college, Kostas also worked for his Uncle in the family run business, a small chain of four Greek restaurants, each aptly named, "The Aegean Restaurant", on Long Island. During that time, Kostas developed a genuine love and admiration for America, and in 1988, just four years after having arrived in the United States, Kostas became a naturalized citizen. This was just the beginning for Kostas of living the American Dream! And, two years later, through hard work, sheer determination, and saving his money, Kostas was able to purchase one of the four restaurants from his Uncle John. Things were going very well for Kostas; his business grew and his restaurant gained the reputation for being one of the finest Greek restaurants on all of Long Island. But, then, Kostas' father, George, became seriously ill. Kostas sold his restaurant back to his Uncle John and returned to his home on Crete in 1998 to assist caring for his ailing Father and to help run the family restaurant, Uncle George's Taverna.

That brings us to the present. Today, through the efforts of Kostas and his family, Uncle George's Taverna has become one of the finest Greek restaurants in Amoudara, serving authentic Greek cuisine and also providing some of the best service on the island. Kostas sees that his food contains only the freshest vegetables and ingredients. None of the food contains any artificial preservatives and much of it is organically grown. The food is never prepared in advance, but rather, each dish is prepared as the customer orders it, assuring only the freshest and highest quality.

The restaurant itself is actually divided into three areas: There is a dining area completely enclosed for those who prefer eating inside; there is a dining area which is outside and exposed on two sides, yet under a roof; and, there is a dining area which is outside and uncovered, except for grape vines and beautiful flowers growing overhead. The entire dining experience at Uncle George's is one of a relaxed atmosphere, genuine Greek food that is tastefully prepared, and a staff, headed by Kostas and his family, who are eager to make your dining experience at Uncle George's one of the highlights of your visit! But perhaps most importantly, when you visit Uncle George's Taverna, Kostas is going to treat you like part of his family! This is one of the reasons why I have selected Uncle George's Taverna at 124 A. Papandreou Street in Amoudara to be the inital gathering place for the Crete Reunion 2010 at 7:00 P.M. on August 22, 2010. See you there!

I hope you will take time to look at the photographs below of Uncle George's Taverna. And remember this: If you visit Amoudara and you don't stop by and try some of the delicious food at Uncle George's Taverna, then you have missed a real treat!!!

Your Friend and Fellow "Silent Warrior",

Bob Armistead

ABOVE LEFT PHOTO: Uncle George's Taverna at 124 A. Papandreou Street in Amoudara, Crete.
ABOVE RIGHT PHOTO: Kostas Sakoulakis greets you at the entrance to Uncle George's Taverna with a smile and a menu.

ABOVE LEFT PHOTO: The inside dining area of Uncle George's Taverna.
ABOVE RIGHT PHOTO: The outside dining area of Uncle George's Taverna with the covered roof.

ABOVE LEFT PHOTO: The outside dining area of Uncle George's Taverna with just the flowers, trees and sunshine above.
ABOVE RIGHT PHOTO: The chef prepares another delicious meal for some lucky customer.

ABOVE LEFT PHOTO: One of the staff at Uncle George's Taverna relaxes for just a moment before going back to his duties.
ABOVE RIGHT PHOTO: The Mother of Kostas Sakoulakis, Georgia, makes sure that all runs well in the kitchen of Uncle George's Taverna.

ABOVE LEFT PHOTO: When night falls, guests and friends begin to gather at Uncle George's Taverna for an evening of delicious dining.
ABOVE RIGHT PHOTO: The guests at Uncle George's Taverna enjoy a time of relaxation and great food.

ABOVE LEFT PHOTO: You can choose to dine under the roof or under the stars at Uncle George's Taverna.
ABOVE RIGHT PHOTO: Great food and fine wine, beer, or other drinks at Uncle George's Taverna are a fine way to end the evening.

LEFT PHOTO: The outside of Uncle George's Taverna in Amoudara.
RIGHT PHOTO: And lastly, Uncle George keeps a watchful and loving eye over his family and his taverna.


MAC said...

Bobby,Nice story and great photos.I will have to go there next year with the family.And with you if we are there at the same time...MAC

adiktion said...

Bobby, you are awfully quiet over there! What are you up to? We want to read your daily adventures!

Did you want to try to connect to my friend Manos this time? His daughter is having a huge party right now for her engagement!

adiktion said...

Bobby, you are awfully quiet over there! We want to read about your daily adventures!
Do you wan to try to talk to my friend Manos this time? They are having a huge party tonight for his daughter's engagement!

Bob (Bobby) said...

Yes, things have been a little quiet here. I have not done as much my first month here as I had intended. However, now that the heat is starting to relent a little, I will want to travel more and then post entries about my travels here on my blog. It would be nice to join Manos for his daughter's engagement party, but I would not know anyone there, and I'm afraid that my Greek language skills are not enough for me to carry on a conversation. LOL.

Your Friend and Fellow "Silent Warrior",


Don said...

Maybe you have all ready been there but I just saw in the new edition of "The Kronicles", that there is a newly renovated Nikos Kazantzakis Museum in Myrtia village in the prefecture of Iraklion.
Don, Atlanta

adiktion said...

Bobby, hope you are having some great adventures! Feel free to call my friend and try to hook up. They speak great english. Manos' cell #6944-330-907 .. not sure what numbers you start dialing when you are calling from crete.

They are great people. Tell them you know James Gill from the base.