Saturday, September 5, 2009


Dear Friends,

As stated in an earlier post concerning my apartment, I had said the rent for my little apartment in Amoudara was 350 Euros per month and the water was 20 Euros per month, but that I would not know what the electricity bill was until the end of the month. Well, when I paid my rent on September 1st., my landlady, Stella, came to inspect my electric meter which is located on the wall of the kitchen-dining-living area of my little apartment. She brought her calculator with her (which frightened me a little at first). She subtracted the number of kilowatt hours that was on the electric meter when I first moved in from the number of kilowatt hours that was now on the meter. Stella then multiplied that number by .25. I just kept wondering to myself, “Perhaps I should not have turned on the air-conditioner as often as I had...maybe I should not have turned the air-conditioner on when I did my workout...perhaps I shouldn’t have used my computer as much...maybe I could have done without lights...perhaps...”. My thoughts were interrupted by Stella, “Hmmm, Mr. Armistead, I have multiplied the number of kilowatt hours used by you during the month of August, by .25 Euros...according to my figures you owe 25 Euros for the electricity.” I thought to myself, “Twenty-five Euros! That’s all?” “O.K., Stella,” I replied, “that sounds fair enough to me.” I was expecting the bill for electricity to be much, much more! So, what does this mean? If I add the 350 Euros for rent to the 20 Euros for water and the 25 Euros for electricity, it cost me a total of 395 Euros to live in the La Stella Apartments for the month of August! Now, based on today’s exchange rate for the Euro against the U.S. Dollar, that 395 Euros translates into $563.35. I don’t think that is too terribly bad for a small furnished studio apartment and all utilities that is just about half a block from the beach! I wonder just how much a comparable apartment just half a block from the beach in the United States would cost me? Anyone care to guess?

Your Friend and Fellow “Silent Warrior”,

Bob Armistead


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're having a blast! I enjoyed the pictures of the dorms and I'm glad to hear the price is not high. I'd love to be there with you. After your visit to Fairivew, I visited my Mom in San Antonio and got more documents and pictures. Thought I'd give you the link to see if they had any more names or images you recognize.

Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Whoops! Forgot the link. Here it is:

Berg said...

Hi Robert,nice to read from
you,Stella and all the other things,I think you are to busy in the moment for a mail,did you get the pics?What`s about the weather in Amoudara in the moment?Here it is in the moment about 18 degrease,cloudy and poli aeras ;-)!
Nice greetings to you and all the lovely people in Amoudara,we miss it!
Send Popi and Yota nice greetings too!
G√ľnter and Ute!!!