Saturday, May 17, 2008


Above left: Lion's Square (Morosini fountain) undergoing restoration.
Above right: Elefterias Square across from the Astoria Hotel; it used to be a nice park with lots of trees and bushes.

Above left: The view of the Aegean Sea as seen from the balcony of my substitute apartment (I am now in my originally reserved apartment.
Above right: Saint Minas Church

Above left: View of Market Street from the newer end of the street where many of the shops have more permanent store fronts.
Above right: View of Market Street as seen from the older end of the street.
(Note: They are in the process of paving all of Market Street)

Above left: A typical street scene of one of the many narrow backstreets in downtown Heraklion.
Above right: A new Pizza Hut in one of the stately looking buildings in downtown Heraklion (This is progress?).

Above left: An old man watches me with a suspicious, yet a curious look.
Above right: Older men gather to sip strong Greek coffee and discuss the problems of the world as seen through their eyes.

Above left: An old woman at a kiosk.
Above right: An old man asks for money.

I hope these photos will cause you to recall pleasant memories from our collective past.

Your Friend and Fellow "Silent Warrior",

Bob (Midget) Armistead


mac said...

Bob.Great photos,Keep them coming.Mac

Monica said...


Thanks for the photo posts do you mind if my wife uses some to show her elementary classes?

Daniel Laust - Prescott, Wisconsin

Bob Armistead said...

Daniel Laust - I would be flattered for your wife to use any photos that I post to show to her elementary classes. Your Friend, Bob

mac said...

MONICA,I was in Crete in 2006 and son and wife in 2007.Married to a gal from there.If you would like I could send you some from that time period.Bob's are the newest with the latest changes.You can contact me at